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Femfoods seeks to be a friend to women on low income who find difficulty and stress in balancing their weekly budget. We support women to improve their well-being by developing the skills and confidence to cook cheap, nutritious meals for their families!


Our new purpose-built kitchen in the north of Glasgow is fully fitted and welcoming to all. Here we host 5-hour Cook n Save sessions where women can expect to discover new recipes, improve their well-being and build connections with other amazing women.


Each session costs £20, including all ingredients, equipment and expertise. On top of that, we have a trusted savings partner who will open an account for each participant (we call this the ‘Mama Buffer’).


We ask all women to put around 50% of the money they would have normally spent on their weekly shop into this account. After a six week block, our aim is for each woman to have around £120 in a savings account, not to mention a positive well-being and new moves in the kitchen!

One mama who helped us shape Femfoods has two boys. This is her story.

weekly income


shopping spend*

After six Femfoods sessions, this mama:


£190 in a



had a
freezer full
of nutritious food

enjoyed more time with her boys

worried less about shopping

paid for three school trips without borrowing

Femfoods works!

Email: hello@msmissmrs.co.uk

Address: 1 Benview St,
Glasgow, G20 7SA

Phone: 0141 945 0244

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