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At Femfoods, we seek to be a friend to all women, especially those who are on a low income who find balancing the weekly budget has a real impact on their family wellbeing. If you're raising a family on minimum wage / Universal Credit / or disability benefits, or you're on a zero-hour contract, receiving ‘in-work’ benefits, then this is the course for you!

Please note the cost of this course is £20 per week, payable in person, which includes all ingredients, teaching, and equipment to batch cook your whole family meals for the week ahead. With our aim to save you monies we always have a well-stocked larder of cereals, tins, and other family essentials that are available to take alongside your freshly cooked tasty family meals.

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*We ask this to allow us to estimate how much we think you could afford to save

On top of all the wonderful cooking, all women who take part in the course will be asked to put 50% of their normal weekly food spend in their own, newly opened savings accounts with our partner Pollok Credit Union.  Don’t worry about the paperwork; the team at MsMissMrs will assist you with this!  After each six-week block, our aim is for each woman to have around £120 in their savings account (this will vary from woman to woman). We don't allow course attendees to opt-out of the saving scheme, as this is a huge part of the empowerment process. 

MsMissMrs will hold your contact details on a training database for the purpose of booking course places and sending out relevant information. It will be used solely by MsMissMrs in connection with the Femfoods course you are attending and not passed on to any third party or used for any other purpose.


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