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With years of experience in working with girls and women, MsMissMrs understands that adolescence isn’t easy, especially against the backdrop of social, psychological, sexual and technological influences. It’s a crucial time in a girl’s life to learn the value of self care and a positive self esteem.

In today’s society these practices don’t always come easily. Self-empowerment is
a journey, with skills to learn and myths to unlearn. With our
Get S.E.T digital workbook and our #summerofselfcare, we’re here to support girls on that journey!

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Here at MsMissMrs, we totally understand that adolescence isn’t easy, especially with all the pressures you face every single day. Self-empowerment and a positive self-esteem are important, but can be hard to build up on your own.  But don’t worry, we’re here to help you look after your own wellbeing!

We’ve developed our brand new, accredited Get S.E.T (Self Esteem Techniques) to be available digitally. We’re offering girls aged 13+ the opportunity to take part in our #summerofselfcare by giving you a free place on our Zoom course, which has been fully funded by The Wellbeing Fund.

Together with others, you'll complete a workbook exploring loads of areas of wellbeing. On completion of the workbook, you’ll receive an official accreditation from ASDAN in the post to confirm (and congratulate) that you’ve completed the course!


Our #summerofselfcare is especially for you. We really want to help you empower yourself before your next step in life starts (whether that's school, college, Uni, or work).  Our amazing team member Danielle, will guide you through the workbook via Zoom and she'll be on hand, if you have any questions.


We need a completed parent/carer consent form to get you involved. Ask your parent or carer to check out the section below and download the form. Once we have all your details, we’ll get a workbook and your Zoom code sent out to you, and give you details of your class dates. We can't wait to get started!

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Information for parents & carers

MsMissMrs has years of experience in working with girls around their wellbeing (find out more about how we got started). We know adolescence isn’t easy, especially against the backdrop of social, psychological, sexual, and technological influences.  It’s a crucial time in a girl’s life to learn the value of self-empowerment and a positive self-esteem.

We'll be delivering six weekly Zoom meetings for girls to explore our Get S.E.T. (self-esteem techniques) workbook, around physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. The workbook sessions will be delivered by Danielle Campbell, a member of our team, who is extensively trained with a background in mentoring young people. Once girls are enrolled, we'll send out a workbook, along with a Zoom code and dates.

Before we can enrol girls in our #summerofselfcare sessions, we need a consent form from their parent or carer. Please download  the form below, fill it out and send it back to If you have any questions, we'd love to have a chat so please get in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have to download and save a copy of this form to your computer for the answers to be saved.


"I finally got it: empower girls
and everything changes."

Jane Fonda

Information for practitioners

Info coming soon.

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