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Dear parent or carer,

MsMissMrs has years of experience in working with girls around their wellbeing. We know adolescence isn’t easy, especially against the backdrop of social, psychological, sexual, and technological influences. It’s a crucial time in a girl’s life to learn the value of self-empowerment and a positive self-esteem. 

We deliver Zoom meetings for girls aged 13+ to explore our Get S.E.T. (self-esteem techniques) 
workbook, around physical, emotional, mental and social 
wellbeing. The workbook sessions will be delivered by an extensively trained member of our team. Once girls are enrolled, we’ll send out a workbook, along with a Zoom code and dates.

Before we can enrol girls in our sessions, we need a consent form from their parent or carer. Please complete the form below.

Get S.E.T. Consent Form

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