Wellbeing Hub

At our Wellbeing Hub, we offer lots of health and wellbeing programmes, helping women to directly tackle the challenges they've said they'd like some help with.


We achieve this through hosting a number of healthy living courses, self-care workshops, and educational programmes, all of which are geared towards a serious investment in physical, emotional, mental, social and financial wellbeing.

We know this is a worthwhile investment for women from all walks of life.


We also believe that female friendships are important for support and security, so we keep our doors open to facilitate them. Women are welcome to use the Hub as a safe social space, where they can make friends and genuine connections over a cuppa and a good blether!


Whatever you need it for, the Hub is here to provide women with a space to gather, socialise and flourish.

Email: hello@msmissmrs.co.uk

Address: 1 Benview St,
Glasgow, G20 7SA

Phone: 0141 945 0244

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