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Boundaries workshop

2 hours

Love can’t exist without boundaries, even with our children. If you have difficulty saying no, override your needs to please others, or are bothered by someone who is demanding, controlling, criticising, pushy, abusive, invasive, pleading, or even smothering you with kindness, it’s our responsibility to speak-up. Boundaries are an act of self-care!


This two hour workshop explores:

  • types of boundaries

  • what stops us from setting boundaries

  • the impact on our wellbeing/ self esteem when we don't set boundaries

  • tools to setting boundaries


Weekly Yoga for wellbeing

1 hour

A therapeutic beginners yoga class led by an experienced teacher that allows for a sense of deep relaxation and a loving act of self-care.


Sunday self-care session

3 hours

Healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance are the wonderful branches that grow from self-care. They help us maintain our individuality and take responsibility for ourselves. We often feel more generous and co-operative and able to clearly communicate our feelings and needs when we are practicing good self care.


Sunday self care will give us an opportunity to pause and explore:

  • why it's important

  • what happens when we don't practice it

  • what stops us from making it a priority

  • different ways we self-care (as each plan is unique to every woman)

  • creating your self-care plan of action


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