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Our Mission & Values

Our mission today is the same as when we started in 2014. 


  • We want to re-empower women, who face health and wellbeing inequalities whilst living in poverty.

  • We want to strengthen their capabilities and help them to grow economically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.

  • We want to support girls and young women, by promoting self-awareness as a tool to empowerment.

Our values

  • Treating each other with respect, care and dignity

  • Empowering women and girls to determine their own life choices at their own pace and to act upon those choices

  • Being non-judgmental of the women and girls accessing our services

  • Listening to what women and girls tell us is important to them and acting on their feedback 

  • Encouraging one another to thrive and develop

  • Celebrating success and major milestones

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