Our Spaces

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Wellbeing hub

Our Wellbeing Hub is a community-based space located at 1 Benview Street which provides a friendly, informal and welcoming environment for women and girls. Currently at our Hub,
we host:


  • 121 meetings every year

  • Women’s Get S.E.T. programmes 

  • Family wellbeing and capabilities programme

  • Team training

  • Girls Get S.E.T. Saturday programmes



Femfoods is our community kitchen located at 170 Bardowie Street, Glasgow. Our beautiful kitchen can host 10 women to batch cook family meals, learn costings, budgeting and nutrition, all whilst saving money with a saving partner. Femfoods also helps to create a space 
for social connections and support.


Find out loads more about Femfoods.

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coming soon!

We have secured a brand new manufacturing space for our ever-popular Empowerment pants (the name of our new space is coming soon!). 

Soon we'll be able to offer our pants and other products for sale to the same standard as always, but with the added bonus of being locally made by local women. 

Watch this space for details coming soon!