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Our Spaces
Beautiful spaces  designed to make women feel valued!


Wellbeing hub

Our Wellbeing Hub is a community-based space located at 1 Benview Street lead by professionals with lived experience. Providing a friendly, informal and welcoming environment for women and girls. 
We host:


  • 1-2-1 support

  • Women’s Get S.E.T. self esteem programmes

  • Family wellbeing and capabilities programme

  • Training

  • Girls Get S.E.T. Saturday programmes

  • Community groups 

  • Benefits checks

  • Peer support



Femfoods is our community kitchen located at 170 Bardowie Street, Glasgow. Our beautiful kitchen can host 10 women to batch cook family meals and learn about budgeting and nutrition, all whilst saving money with a saving partner. Femfoods also helps to create a space 
for social connections and supports women to keep a full fridge on tough weeks.

Products from our shop help to fund free food workshops for women raising a family on little income. 



Our brand new manufacturing space will allow us to make our products (like our ever-popular Empowerment pants) to the same standard as always, but with the added bonus of being locally made by local women, supporting training and jobs!

Opened for business in August 2022, our new unit will allow us to expand our range of products and respond to new opportunities. 

All products made here are designed in house and all materials are sourced in the UK.

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