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Femfoods: now open!

We are SO excited to announce the opening of our sister project, Femfoods.

Our new purpose-built kitchen in the north of Glasgow will host eight women for a 5-hour slot one day per week to batch cook, learn new recipes and save money. We aim to run four cooking days per week, as we anticipate a high demand for the courses.

Our kitchen is fully fitted and welcoming to all. It will be headed up by Fiona Mackenzie, a culinary queen with 30 years of catering experience. Fiona has travelled all over the world, preparing food for bands and artists, and now is committed to empowering women to Cook n Save.

With the rise in fuel and food costs, the female pocket is being stretched more and more. Women are feeling more guilty and stressed that we are failing at family life. Femfoods seeks to be a friend to women on low income, who find balancing the weekly budget has a real impact on wellbeing. We want to be there for women who are struggling to meet financial obligations and find this affects the balance of family life.

In a nutshell, Femfoods is all about nutrition, savings, family wellbeing and overall economic empowerment!


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