Get S.E.T. Programme


We have spent years working alongside women and girls to finely tailor our accredited life skills and self-awareness programmes.


All of our Get S.E.T. material is written by MsMissMrs Founding Director, Sylvia Douglas, based on her personal experience of growing up in care, and all that followed. 


Our Get S.E.T. (self-esteem techniques) programmes explore lots of different areas, all leading to a stronger sense of physical, emotional, mental, social and financial wellbeing. 

We also offer training on delivering the programmes for those working with women and girls. 

Get S.E.T.
My Self-Care Plan

This programme aims to re-empower women and help them regain the resilience, confidence and wellbeing they may have lost along the way due to trauma and other disadvantages.


Recovery starts by creating a space where women feel empowered to explore physical and emotional wellbeing tools that make lasting changes to their own lives and that of their families.

Over over the duration of the course, we offer a variety of carefully selected activities to instil a sense of mindfulness (think stress management, yoga, meditation) and provide a safe space which offers friendship and understanding. We explore a range of personal development topics to help women grow in self-esteem, confidence and life changing actions, like: 

  • being able to set healthy boundaries in relationships

  • setting goals

  • honouring and actioning self-care

  • keeping up with GP / dentist and well woman appointments

  • mental health strategies to prevent emotional burnout

  • effective communication

  • healthy relationships and much more

To book as an organisation:

We are available to run our programme to groups of 10 women, contact us for more information.


To book as an individual:

If you'd like to discuss the programme more

please contact us.


Get S.E.T. Empowerment Workbook for girls
& young women

We have many years' experience of working with schools and youth groups, supporting girls and young women raise attainment and find positive strategies around health & wellbeing.  


In partnership with ASDAN education, we are delighted to have created our accredited Get S.E.T. workbooks and programmes. Through these, we support girls and young women to gain a qualification in wellbeing and self-awareness that works within the current educational framework.

Our early intervention program is accompanied with a specially-designed 72-page workbook for girls 12-16 and 32-page workbook designed for girls 10-12.

The Get S.E.T. workbook has been designed to explore self-esteem, relationships, personal boundaries and how to set them, identify self-talk, inner strengths, personal values, body image/perfectionism (the myth) needs, communication, stress and how a self-care plan supports wellbeing . The completed workbook is

a powerful tool, forming the basis of an empowerment plan.

Our programme involves developing the sustainable skills and resources of resilience. Alongside this, we want to improve levels of wellbeing and promote positive mental health that will support girls long into adulthood.


Our early intervention programmes have seen us work with schools in Glasgow, NHS youth services, youth groups, looked after young people and socially excluded girls.


Reported benefits are:


  • Improved self-awareness

  • Improved communication skills

  • Skills to maintain and begin positive relationships

  • Improved wellbeing strategies

  • Improved decision-making skills around choices.

  • Positive feeling of self-regard/higher self esteem

To order workbooks, or to find out more, contact us.


In response to a growing concern from professionals around girls' well-being, MsMissMrs has designed training packages for professionals looking to:


  • enhance their skills and confidence

  • offer resources and tools around early intervention strategies

  • offer positive physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing outcomes for girls and young women aged 10-16


Our Get S.E.T. Training is for teachers, pastoral staff, youth leaders, support workers, care staff, young health practitioners, key workers and social workers. Each training session is accompanied by activities, conversation and training notes that will support the use of the 72 or 32-page workbooks used by the girls.

Course Aims

We aim to enable staff and services looking to incorporate early intervention strategies into their work and initiate new activities to address the challenges young women and girls face in terms of self– esteem, self-acceptance, relationships, body image and overall well-being.​


Staff /services will demonstrate increased understanding of self-esteem, self-empowerment and the external and internal influences which affect young women and girls, leaving with the confidence to hold empowering sessions and guide young women and girls to work their way through the get set workbook.​

Please note: Training only to be used by the attendee within their own organisation. This programme is not for resale.

If you are interested in finding out about training with us, please get in touch.



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