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Get S.E.T.


Self esteem is an important factor in leading a happy, healthy, productive life. It helps us to cope with life’s challenges and changes and can play a big part in developing positive relationships with ourselves and others.


With Get S.E.T. (Self Esteem Techniques), we work with women and girls at different stages in their life to help them build or rebuild self-esteem, well-being and self-awareness. Check out our different Get S.E.T.  programmes below.

Parents/carers, if you would like to give your permission for a minor to take part in our Get S.E.T. programme, please fill in our online consent form

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Get S.E.T. Rebuild

There are some situations in life that can have a real impact on our confidence and self-esteem. Whether it’s an unhealthy relationship, childhood trauma or addiction, there are several painful experiences that can cause our self-worth to suffer.


We developed Get S.E.T Rebuild to support women to regain the resilience, confidence and wellbeing they may have lost along the way. The course is perfect for those looking to improve their mental well-being, end destructive behaviours and build a community with other incredible women seeking freedom from their past.


Over the duration of the programme, we offer a variety of carefully selected activities to instil a sense of mindfulness and provide a safe space which offers friendship and understanding. We explore a range of personal development topics including self-care, mental health and effective communication to help women grow in self-esteem and confidence.




If you’d like to take part in our programme or find out more, just send us a wee message! We’ll be sure to get back to you soon.

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Get S.E.T. Girls

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We have designed a two-day training course to enable professionals to carry out our Get S.E.T. Girls programme at their school or youth group. 


Our Get S.E.T. Girls programme is ASDAN accredited and meets the health and wellbeing outcomes within Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. It supports girls and young women to strengthen their self-esteem and improve their emotional, mental and social well-being.

Across the two days, professionals will work through activities, conversations and training practices which will allow them to better understand the challenges facing girls and young women today.

On completion of the training, professionals will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and confidence to deliver the Get S.E.T. Girls programme.




If you are interested in training with us please get in touch to find out more.

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